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  • palatabiliTEA
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  • Tea. Uncomplicated.
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  • Adventures in Tea and Wine
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  • Health Benefits of Tea
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  • UK Tea Council
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  • Republic of Tea
    A great source for both loose leaf and bagged tea in airtight tins. My favorite product is their tea jam, available in several flavors.


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March 05, 2007



Love all the great info about tea!

Thought you might like this lovely print:

Stephanie Hanson

Oooh that is lovely! Is it your work?

I'm glad you're enjoying the blog!


nope..not mine (i wish!) but a recent obsession!

i love it!

Mary R

Wow, that's a lovely print. I might have to add that to my own list of obsessions now. :)

Have you tried the MateVana? I'm starting to get curious about yerba mate, and wouldn't mind trying it with a good flavor.

safe weight loss

Not only is green tea good for you, but it refreshing after a meal. It just cleanses the body. And it is just like water, no calories.

lose 10 pound

Yes, Oolong tea is so strong that will definitely wash out all the fat in your body. One of my friend who works in Hong Kong told me that Hong Kong people only drink Oolong tea when they go for Yum Cha. Cause it helps to wash away all the oiliness from the dim sum!
I am now learning to drink Oolong tea as well when we go for Yum Cha! It is not only strong, but keep me awake the whole day as well! Good news for my boss!

weight loss tip

Heard from Oprah show that Green Tea is best for our body and good for our diet.

I caught a fabulous cookery programme on Channel Four called Cook Yourself Thin. How did I ever miss this? I’ ve been a workaholic for way too long! The presenters are young, fun and funky. Much better than stuffy Nigella and Nick.

nic from canada

Thanks for the tips, basic tips such as these do make a difference.

buy lipton tea

Wow! this is the tea that i am looking for,thank you for posting i like it so much. :)


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