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January 30, 2007



We take pride in our foil wrappings which keep the tea fresh. Thanks for the mention!

Stephanie Hanson

Thank you for reading! I just read the entry on Constant Comment on the Bigelow Blog, and I'm one of those people who was started on Constant Comment. And I still drink it!

K Ferrell Forehand

It's a shame that it is almost impossible to find loose tea of any kind in the major grocery chains anymore. I almost always have to order it. Another good reason for the loose teas is economy. It takes over twice as much bagged tea to equal the strength of loose tea. And of course you're right about the flavor.

Being from the south I like iced tea. I make it by the gallon. I found a solution to the "mess" of loose tea. Over the years I have found that about 1/6 cup of loose tea is the proper amount for a gallon. I boil water (about a pint and a half ... or more if you wish) and pour it over the loose tea in a sauce pan. Cover for 20 minutes. Place large strainer over gallon pitcher. Put a good quality paper towel over the strainer. Strain the steeped tea into the pitcher. All the loose tea is captured in the paper towel and can then easily be discarded. Add sugar enough for a gallon of tea to the strained tea. You have to do this at this point because it is impossible to sweeten cold tea later on. Stir and then add about 3 quarts of ice. Stir vigorously to melt all the ice. Add water to bring the volume up to a gallon. The tea should now be cold enough to stand up to ice in the glass for instantly drinking. Refrigerate mixture untl next glass. Works great with Constant Comment loose tea. A gallon usually lasts me about a day.

Jenna@ flowering tea

Personally I prefer loose tea over bagged tea but only a handful of variety being sold in the grocery stores compared to bagged tea.

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