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  • Adventures in Tea and Wine
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March 07, 2007



I saw your blog featured on Typepad's "Featured Blogs" section. Looks great!

Thanks also for posting the site that is asking for folks to send tea to soldiers. Good information!

When I get a chance I will add you to my list.

Peace and Joy!


Stephanie Hanson

Thank you! And I'm glad to post for the soldiers, it's the least I can do in return for what they risk.

I'll be adding you back, I just checked out your site, and I really like it!


I am not particularly fond with tea in the bottle. It took all the fun out of brewing and enjoying the tea. When you said artificial flavor may be added, that's one more reason that make traditional tea drinking better. But some people may sacrifice the quality of tea for speed because everybody knows we don't have nearly enough the hours during a day to finish what we want.

PS:I really enjoy your blog.


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