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July 01, 2007



I think this kind of machine is good for brewing black tea. would love to have one to brew lapsang souchung and see

Stephanie Hanson

Well, since lapsang is technically a black tea, I assume it would work. Unfortunately, I don't really care for lapsang, so I don't keep it on hand to test out.


Another fabulous and well-written article! Still being a tea novice myself, I do have a question. Are the benefits of steepedl loose tea (vs. bagged tea) greater? Admittedly, I do enjoy tea (some more than others) but am drinking now largely for the health benefits.

Stephanie Hanson

I think the question of benefits has to do more with the freshness of the tea rather than rather it is loose or bagged (which is also related to the size of the leaf). When tea goes stale, the health benefits also fade. Since many bagged teas are stale, I would guess that they have lost many of their healthy qualities. If you must do a bagged tea, go for the good packaging, like Bigelow, Revolution, or Adagio.


I have a Zarafina I've had for about a month and love it. I use both loose and bagged tea in it, and except for some small pieces of leaves escaping the steeping chamber, it works great! Those are few and easily avoided in the bottom of the pot. I love my Zarafina!


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my question is, how do you clean the zarfina tea pot ? Mine is very stained, and do not know proper cleaning other than the usual soap and water.

Stephanie Hanson

You can rub it with liquid dish detergent, but not with anything abrasive. Rinse it with clean water and then run the machine with just water in the steeping chamber.

Michael Reisor

The best way to clean it is with the Mr. Clean Magic eraser. It works wonders on the stains.


Can you make Indian style tea with milk, loose tea and spices?


Can you make Indian style tea with milk, loose tea and spices?

Stephanie Hanson

Yes, you absolutely can. I have heard of people having good results, but I have only tried once recipe that I found too peppery. If I find a good one, I will let you know!

Stephanie Hanson

I found this recipe today that I am interested in trying. It looks delicious!


BUYER BEWARE! Complaints and problems go unresolved! Technical help and FAQ are completely useless (the answer to most problems is: make sure you have the device plugged in, or make sure there are tea bags in the device)! I used the Zarafina tea maker for about a month before it became permanently stuck in the "dispense" mode. I have tried to contact the company through their website to see if they have any resolution to the problem, but since it is manufactured under a sub-sub-company of Sunbeam, the emails apparently get lost in the upstream. I have sent two emails in the last month with no response. At this time I have not been able to use my tea maker suite, longer than it originally worked!


I love my Zarafina!! It brings out the best in any tea. I use it for black, oolong, and green teas and have been pleased with the results. Whether loose or bag - I have no problems and love the results. As an avid tea drinker (everyday, all day) - This was a great gift from my husband - he knows me well!

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