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  • Tea. Uncomplicated.
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  • Adventures in Tea and Wine
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  • Health Benefits of Tea
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  • UK Tea Council
    This is the website of the UK Tea Council, and no one loves tea more than the Brits!
  • Republic of Tea
    A great source for both loose leaf and bagged tea in airtight tins. My favorite product is their tea jam, available in several flavors.


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September 29, 2009



Yes, all of the above are great reasons. We are enjoying some cooler weather, which makes me want tea more often! But even in the summer, I can't get enough! :)

Stephanie Hanson

Absolutely true. My hot tea consumption only slightly lessened this summer, but where it slacked off, iced tea picked up.

Jason Witt

I work on the computer at home all day so I'm able to brew tea my own way with my own teaware. It's really nice because I'm never rushed. And pretty much all the time is teatime for me. I have a cup beside me most of the day and just drink a little slowly here and there. As a typical American I like the tea after it's gotten cold so it's no problem to wait with it.

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